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frequently asked questions

before writing a mail check out this frequently asked questions

How can i make music using a gameboy?

Get yourself a gameboy and a cartrigde of a gameboymusicprogram. The two most commonly used are littlesounddj (lsdj) and nanoloop. And NO you donīt get them for free. But they are quite cheap - so it is worth the investment.

How do I get one of these cartrigdes?

You can order nanoloop on the website or if you live in vienna just go to the subotron shop at museumsquartier.
You can buy littlesounddj at the website of the 8bitpeople. And there is also a lsdj-buy-and-sell-yahoogroup.

Where can I get help concerning gameboymusic software?

There are several yahoo groups. before posting your questions check out the archives of the group.
There is a nanoloop-group and a littlesounddj-group.
And there is a lsdj-wiki

Can I become member of the gameboymusicclub?

Of course! The gameboymusicclub is an open collective. Just drop by at the gameboymusicclub (once a month at rhiz) and if you have a tune on your gameboy to play, plug in and play!

Can I book the gameboymusicclub?

Go for it! e-mail us to contact(aet)